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Ontario Football Alliance

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Mission Statement

"To develop football in Ontario by providing programs to improve the game through participation and mandates developed by its membership."


  1. To recruit as many members as possible into 'Ontario Football Alliance' 

  2. To open a line of communication with all football participants in the province.

  3. To increase participation at all levels of amateur football throughout Ontario, for both the player and the volunteer. 

  4. To improve the caliber of the game of football by upgrading the players, coaches, officials, trainers and administrators through clinics and certification. 

  5. To establish conditions conducive to the safety and enjoyment of the participants. 

  6. To achieve high standards of moral development and citizenship through participation in amateur football. 

  7. To obtain sufficient funds for the successful operation of 'Ontario Football Alliance'

  8. To encourage players through training and education to further their football careers in the junior, university, college and pro levels. 

  9. To support professional organizations that play football in Ontario through internal promotion.

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