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Ontario Football Alliance

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Membership to OFA is a two part process. The first step is the Association/League membership, the second step is the individual membership forms form the Association/League members. Association/Leagues cannot be members of the OFA unless their members are registered members of the OFA. 

Step 1: Association Membership $100 or League Membership $500. 

  1. Is a sign of good faith by the Association/League to register their members with OFA

  2. Gives the Association/League membership to the OFA

  3. Gives the Association/League the opportunity to access various Provincial Funding opportunities. 

  4. Gives the Association/League access to resource material at member rates. 

  5. Gives the Association/League access to a dispute resolution mechanism. 

  6. Gives the Association/League a vote a the Ontario Football Alliance annual general meeting. 

  7. Gives the Association/League inclusion to member's list on our website at no charge with link to member's website. 

  8. Gives the Association/League access to online player database. 

  9. Give the Association/League opportunity to participate in events with our partners. 

  10. Gives the Association/League ability to apply for Championship sponsorships. 

Step 2: Individual Registration ($39 Tackle | $20 Non-Conact | $10 Coach). 

  1. Give the individual membership to the Provincial Body, Ontario Football Alliance and the National Body, Football Canada. 

  2. Gives the individual the eligibility to participate in provincial and national teams. 

  3. Gives the individual NCCP training at a preferred rate. 

  4. Gives the individual FCOCP training at a preferred rate. 

  5. Gives the individual access to a dispute resolution mechanism. 

  6. Gives the individual access to Long-term Athlete Development. 

  7. Insurance through Jones Brown at a group rate. Sport Accident, Directors Errors & Omissions ($2,000,000.), Liability $5,000,000.00.

*Please note that the breakdown of benefits as listed above do not directly coincide with the noted rates. Individual membership rates allow associations and leagues to have access to the above listed benefits as well as the annual fees. 

**Note: In order to be a member in good standing and receive any benefits from OFA associations/leagues must be paid in full and participate in both Association/League Membership and Individual Membership. 

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