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There’s nothing quite like the thrill of sport. Whether you play hockey, lacrosse, football or baseball, we understand what it takes to keep you safe and on your game. Contact to Contact specializes in proper equipment training, facilitation of fitting workshops for organizations and personalized, individual fitting of sports equipment. From youth to semi-professional, we aim to prevent sports injuries and concussions through proper attention to your gear. We’ve worked with Football Canada, the Ontario Varsity Football League and other sports organizations to keep their players safe and confident. Our passion for youth sports and injury prevention means we offer low-cost equipment fitting services – parents can read more here. Not only do we care about proper equipment maintenance and fitting, we care about winning. We know that when a player is confident in their equipment, it shows at game time. Explore our website to find out how Contact to Contact can help keep you and your team safe.

About Dan Dudeck

Certified Athletic Equipment Manager - Athletic Equipment Managers Association, U.S.A.
Conducted equipment management sessions with sports organizations
Canadian Society of Safety Engineers (CSSE) consultants designation
Humber College graduate - Occupational, Hygiene and Safety Program
Certified member Joint Health and Safety Committee
Experienced with WSIB claims management schedule 1 & 2 
Extensive experience with Health and Safety instruction
Co-Chair and advised Health and Safety Committees
Maintained budgets and Capital Expenses for H&S Program 
Set Corporate training schedule and adjusted training costs
Certified Instructor and Trainer

Specialties: Trained in First Aid & C.P.R. Project Management, Quality Control, Cost Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Sports Management

Interested in setting up an Equipment fitting session? Please contact Tina Turner at director@tỷ lệ kèo bóng đá trực tiếp www.soldiersofvalour.com.


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